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Connectivity Committee reject 20mph Bill

20 MPH Speed Limit Sign

On 31 May 2019 the BBC reported that “Holyrood’s rural economy committee has refused to back a Bill seeking to make 20mph the standard speed limit on residential streets in Scotland”.  Edward Mountain a conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands and Convener of the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee explained that “After considering the evidence presented […]

The Trauma of a new web page

Trapezium figure

Another page completed. I have just published the latest page on my website. The page title is Mensuration, and no, it has nothing to do with the monthly periods. Mensuration is a branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement of geometric figures such as squares, cubes, rectangles and cones etc. This page deals only […]

Climate Change and Migration

Annual global mean surface temperatures

Carbon Brief, a UK-based website covering the latest developments in climate science, climate policy and energy policy, published their weekly briefing on the 18th January 2019. The first article in the briefing was the “State of the climate”. They stated that “This week in January would normally see the leading climate agencies publish their results […]

Glasgow sets up a Low Emissions Zone

Emissions Diagram

At midnight on January 1st 2019, Glasgow was the first city in Scotland to set up a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). This LEZ covers the city centre with 20% of all buses in the city having to meet the European Union (EU) emissions standards during the first phase and by 2022 all vehicles entering the […]

Why did I start this website?

This is the first blog on my new website, “The Enviro Engineer”. So, why did I decide to start a website now and why call it the Enviro Engineer? I retired officially from a career in engineering that lasted nearly 50 years on the 25th April 2017. Officially, because according to my accountant my last […]


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