About the Enviro Engineer

My name is Ian Fraser, the Enviro Engineer, and have now retired from a career with nearly 50 years’ experience in Engineering. I have set up this website to provide, I hope, interesting information for young engineers and scientists or anyone interested in learning more about various disciplines in science, engineering and technology. 

Ian Fraser B.Sc. Dip Poll Con (Open) MIEnvSc

Carrying out survey work for a flood risk assessment
Image by The Alternative Perspectives - Carrying out survey work
The Enviro Engineer with Willow as a puppy
A cartoon of me. The puppy is my Labrador, Willow, and after a long life she has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge
The Enviro Engineer logo -The Impossible Triangle
The Impossible Triangle.

This is the impossible triangle logo I adopted for my website when I was self-employed. I have decided to keep it for this website. To find out more about this optical illusion, click on the logo.

This IES Logo is a link to the Institution of Environmental Sciences, of which I am a retired member.

I am not endorsed by the IES and this is simply a hyperlink to their website for the benefit of visitors to my site

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